Dear Rotarians, dearest Friends,

Good evening to All and welcome to our 7th Regular Meeting for RY 2018-2019.

An intense session expects us today. We are being requested by our AG Irene Aquino to finalise our Strategic Planning for RY 2018-2019.

After review, I see that we have the potential to hit all goals for the RI Presidential Citation and achieve Gold or even Platinum status on the Presidential Distinction. Beyond that, we know why we all serve in Rotary: help those in need and see their lives changed because of our daily action is, in itself, the most precious of rewards.

Our District Governor’s visit is confirmed for October 2 and we are to finalise the planning. The venue has been confirmed to be Marco Polo. New Members? The opportunity to welcome at least some of our Spouses as full Members? PP Megs Lunn and PP Ricky Molo from RC Metro Kalibo have confirmed their attendance, while IP Jess Sedano from RC Forbes Park expressed interest and is pending confirmation.

We have also extended our invitation to DG Lindon See Diet, District Governor of 3850, whose humility and laid-back personality struck a chord with me and PP JT Tionko during our visit to Kalibo last August. He is available on October 2 and pending confirmation on the logistics.

We have made some progress with Project WALK. The official brochure is ready and we can contribute to a Japanese and Korean version, with a view to trigger donations from Sister Clubs abroad.

I have contacted Tebow CURE, a private hospital specializing in pediatric orthopedics and received a contact from their Executive Director. They are a unique organization in the Philippines and, as confirmed by their ED, they will be opening a state-of-the-art prosthetic workshop by end of the year. We would like to schedule an official meeting with them, possibly while PP Megs and PP Ricky are with us, between October 1 and October 3.

Last but not least, exciting news on the Online Donation Hub project: our good friend Francis Albores has completed the backbone work to get donations through both via PayPal and credit card. We need to work hard on the contents and agree a donation structure, link up the system to a bank account and…we’re good to go!

I look forward to discussing all this and much more during today’s session.

Inspiringly yours,


Giovanni “Vanni” Torelli
President, RY 2018-19